Student Leadership Opportunities 


The ideals of leadership at Mount Annan Christian College are unique and inspiring for our students as they focus on a Christ-centred viewpoint. Jesus exemplified the importance of serving others. Having a positive impact on the world is an integral aspect of His legacy. Leaders at Mount Annan Christian College, therefore, emulate this legacy and the key principles of the Gospel to others. This corresponds to the rich values of the College by allowing ‘each person to enjoy a life of purpose.’


The College’s Secondary Leadership Council (SLC) comprises of eight Year 12 students and four Year 11 students. This includes two College Captains, two Vice-Captains and eight Prefects across both of the grades. The College’s Primary Leadership Council comprises of two Primary Captains and two Primary Prefects, elected from Year 6.  

The SLC meets weekly with the College’s Pastor and Student Leadership Coordinator. A strong principle of teamwork and camaraderie is embedded within the council. As such, we provide the distinctive experience of allowing the Primary SLC to also attend the Secondary weekly meeting and work alongside the senior student leaders. This proves to be a valuable opportunity for the students to uphold the strong culture of solidarity that is vital to the College community.  The council provides an opportunity for student involvement in organising key College events, representing the College at community events and discussion of student-initiated matters.

The students work alongside the College Pastor and Student Leadership Coordinator as well as regularly communicate with the Headmaster. The essential aim of the SLC is to encourage students to be active in service, use their talents and abilities to assist others and enhance their responsibility within the College community to equip them for future opportunities as active citizens of the nation. Our goal is that all students are nurtured to become Christ-orientated individuals, actively participating in their community and glorifying Christ in their actions.

Some opportunities that the SLC are able to partake in are:

  • Representing the College at external events including attendance at NSW Parliament, and Local Member breakfasts, with the opportunity to meet NSW Politicians and the NSW Premier. 
  • Opportunities to meet other school leaders and hear from guest speakers at Community Leadership Days 
  • Run and initiate new College events, e.g. MACC’S Got Talent, Carols events, fundraisers and sporting events
  • Work alongside the Headmaster for organisation of events
  • Opportunities to work alongside, and mentor Primary SLC
  • Host Chapel and other special events at College 
  • Attend SLC training days and fun activity days as part of the initiation 



The College’s Secondary Sporting Leadership is made up of two Captains and two Vice-Captains from Year 11. This is a program which allows students to develop their sporting leadership abilities for the duration of one year.

Some of the opportunities that the Secondary Sporting Leadership are able to partake in are:

  • Serve their House and work closely with the Sports Coordinator in representing the students of the College
  • Mentor and encourage emerging sporting leaders within the College
  • Participate in leadership training opportunities
  • Participate in and assist with College Community Events
  • Organising extra sporting events at lunchtime to promote House spirit
  • Motivate and encourage students to participate in sporting events