At MACC we have a holistic vision that Agriculture is not something that is only taught in our Secondary School but is a subject area that is accessible by the whole College from Prep through to the HSC.

We acknowledge that it is critical for our students to understand where their produce comes from, to understand both plants and animals and the contribution they make to a happy and healthy society. 
Here at MACC we are blessed to be located on acres of land with a purpose built area for Agriculture. We aim to provide a range of learning experiences for our students in Agriculture at MACC, from learning about and caring for animals, planting and managing crops, experimenting with new technologies as well as being involved in our community through a range of shows, from the Camden Show, Royal Easter Show and Western Sydney University. Our students have won a number of awards and titles through being involved with these shows. It is part of our service learning program in the TAS Faculty to ensure our students work makes a difference and really matters. Our Agriculture program inspires students to not only understand the theory of working and living on the land but also to develop diverse practical skills here in our variety of Agriculture learning environments. 
Our students in Secondary gain a broader view of the Agriculture Industry through a range of excursions that seek to broaden their understanding of industry practice surrounding Dairy as an Enterprise, environmental sustainability and economic viability of the diary industry and associated technologies. 
The College continues to grow this program expanding into Aquaponics and Flower Growing Enterprises still to come in the future.