Ignite – A MACC Extension Program, targets students From Years 3-10, providing opportunities for extension in key learning area programs, as well as a combination of dedicated and purposeful small group instruction, in-class academic enrichment and one on one academic mentoring.

Mrs Renee Darby leads the College’s Ignite Program. Mrs Darby spent the past 17 years working with advanced learners, successfully developing and delivering enrichment programs to meet the diverse academic and social and emotional needs of her students. Mrs Darby has completed degrees at Sydney University and more recently the University of NSW, where she completed her Gifted Education qualifications.

Through the Ignite program we aim:

  • To extend students beyond the core curriculum
  • To give them the opportunity to participate in open ended learning tasks
  • To teach them to be critical thinkers and ask why?
  • To explore areas of interest and passion
  • To be exposed to more complex and abstract ideas in their learning
  • To work within a learning group of like-minded peers
The selection process offered to students seeking to be part of our Ignite Program has been designed to ensure a fair and comprehensive assessment of student ability and includes the following assessment methods:

  • Teacher Identification utilising the Teacher Nomination Tool 
  • Evaluation of in school assessment results 
  • Completion of the Otis Lennon Student Ability Test (OLSAT)

If you would like further information about this test please click on the following link: OLSAT Information

From Year 3 onwards, students are selected to participate in the IGNITE withdrawal program, with a specialised gifted education teacher. During this withdrawal time students complete Science Fair projects, participate in Maths Olympiad Challenges, participate in inter-school academic competitions, the Wollongong University Science Fair, the Maths Cup at Amity College for Year 6 students, Gateway 8 challenges at Macarthur Anglican School, and ICAS Science, Mathematics and English Competitions. As our school continues to grow we will be moving towards a self contained Stage 2 and Stage 3 Extension class.
In Year 7 (and Year 8 from 2022) students are selected to be a part of an “A” extension class for Mathematics, Science and Technology and English. Classroom teachers compact and extend the curriculum to match the learning needs of the students in these classes. They are also given the opportunity to participate in a variety of external programs and competitions to extend students in their learning.
In Years 9 and 10, Ignite students are invited to participate in Independent Learning Projects, including submitting a Science Fair project for our annual Science Fair and STEM Symposium. Students are also given the opportunity to be mentored by experts from the field of interest they have chosen to study further.

For more information about the Ignite Program please contact the College on 4634 7474.