As part of our College’s learning environment, in 2021 all students in Years 5 – 12 are required to bring their own device (BYOD). The device is used every day. Students are required to bring the device fully charged to College each day and be responsible for its maintenance and care.

Many students are currently using computers on the College BYOD program which will still be viable and supported in 2021. We emphasise that devices that were used in 2020 at the College can continue to be used, and within reason, the ‘lifespan’ of a device will be left to the discretion of the student and their parent/guardian. Though the College does recommend a 3 year cycle to ensure maintaining usability in the classroom.

Broadly, what device is suitable and what is not suitable?

  • Preferably, all students must have a laptop device with a dedicated keyboard (not just an ‘on-screen’ keyboard) running Windows 7, 8 or 10, or any Apple Mac laptop. Devices that are dual laptop/tablet hybrids such as the Microsoft Surface are acceptable, so long as they have a dedicated keyboard and trackpad (which is often built into the case).
  • We do not recommend any device running Windows RT, any devices described as Google Chromebooks or running the Android operating system, or iPads/tablets.
  • Any device below a certain physical size would be impractical. Some micro-sized PCs with tiny screens and tiny keyboards will not be suitable. We suggest a 10-inch screen as a minimum.
  • We do not require devices that have their own separate ‘cellular’ internet connection, as the school provides a WI-FI network.

In the first instance, the College minimum requirements to which each device should conform include:

M: Minimum  |  R: Recommended





  M: 64GB
  R: Solid State Drive (SSD)

  M: 64GB
  R: Solid State Drive (SSD)

 Memory (RAM)

  M: 4GB
  R: 8GB

  M: 4GB

 Operating System

  M: Windows 7+
  R: Windows 10

  M: Yosemite 10.10
  R: El Capitan 10.11


  M: Intel® Core 2 or AMD Athlon®    64 processor; 2 GHz or faster          processor
  R: Intel® Core 5 or better

  M: Multicore Intel processor with    64-bit support
  R: Multicore Intel processor with      64-bit support


  M: 802.11b/g/n

  M: 802.11b/g/n

 Battery Life

  M: 6 Hours
  R: 8 Hours

  M: 6 Hours
  R: 8 Hours

 Screen Size

  M: 10.5 inches

  M: 10.5 inches

 Required     Accessories

 Protective sleeve, bag or satchel

 Protective sleeve, bag or satchel



Families can purchase from their vendor of choice or from one of the College’s purchasing portals. Details and links to the supplier’s purchasing portal are listed below. This supply of devices is through a commercial contract and have educational lead times for delivery of up to 6 weeks.

The devices in the links below have been selected because they meet the minimum and recommended requirements. Purchasing through our preferred supplier offers College families access to their support and manufacturer warranty. The pricing below is provided for Academic purchases and is equal to or below the recommended retail price.

At time of purchase you will have the opportunity to select collection from your local store.

If assistance is required during the purchasing process or for assistance with device selection, or if you have any further questions, please email: and we can answer any of your questions.


JB Hi-Fi Purchasing Portal:

Click below for the JB Hi-Fi Education Portal

Please enter School Code: MACCBYOD

If you need assistance, JB Hi-Fi have provided the following links:


Apple Portal:

Click below for the Apple Education Portal


School Locker Purchasing Portal:

Click below for the School Locker Portal

You will be required to create a free School Locker account to see pricing and to place an order.