What is Outdoor Learning?

Learning outside the classroom is an integral part of our Primary academic programs at MACC. Outdoor Learning can be simply defined as experiential learning that takes place outside the classroom. There is a strong body of international research calling for educational institutions to embrace Outdoor Learning as a natural part of the school day. At MACC we have passionate educators who implement Outdoor Learning as part of their daily routine, with each outdoor activity aligned to the Australian Curriculum.  


Benefits of Outdoor Learning

MACC is a school that values not only the academic elements of education, but the whole child. Quality Outdoor Learning has been proven to be beneficial for the social, cognitive, physical and emotional development of children. Significantly, international research increasingly suggests that Outdoor Learning for primary school students is academically beneficial and improves student engagement and results in a range of subjects, helping to combat underachievement.


Outdoor Learning at MACC

Located on 37 acres, MACC has no shortage of Outdoor Learning areas. Our Primary Playground features many areas optimal for learning outside, with infrastructure created from natural materials that interweave seamlessly with the environment. These shaded areas provide excellent spaces for a variety of outdoor lessons and are conveniently located close to the Primary Classrooms.

A favourite Outdoor Learning location for both staff and students is the MACC Forest. This is a tranquil, tree filled area, traversed by a rock bedded creek. The Nature Play Area is another outdoor learning space frequently used by lower primary for Science, HSIE, Geography and PDHPE, providing a variety of natural elements to be used as lesson resources. Educational opportunities are provided in numerous other outdoor spaces throughout the College, and during their schooling years MACC students come to know and love the grounds of the College and the many memories collected here.