Headmaster’s Welcome

The vision of Mount Annan Christian College is to provide a Christ-centred learning environment that empowers each individual to enjoy a life of purpose.

The College has been serving the wider community of Macarthur since 1999 and continues to have a strong vision and desire to work in partnership with local families who are looking to provide a quality Christian educational experience with great values and discipline set in one of the most peaceful and idyllic locations in the whole Region.

The College is known for its high quality pastoral care and proven educational and support programs that come with a creative and innovative edge. It has designed its Strategic Educational Plan (viewable on this website) to cater for student needs in a fast-paced, ever-changing educational and technological environment. The subject offerings of our College are considerable and the extra-curricular opportunities are extensive. I highly recommend all families consider participating in the personalized, educational Prep program, as it is without doubt the best start to an educational journey you could ever want for your child.

The College is a member school of The Association of Independent Schools Australia (AIS), which is the peak body for independent schools in NSW and is committed to contributing to the wider educational community. As a current and active member of the NSW/ACT State Council for Christian Schools Australia, I have a strong belief in the positive impact and difference that a truly Christian education can have in the lives of individuals and their families.    

I encourage you to contact one of our friendly team members and make a time to come and have a look at Mount Annan Christian College for yourself.

Mr Gabi Korocz


College Executive:

Our staff are engaged and committed to empowering individuals, strengthening and nurturing community, equipping students and providing a holistic approach to develop each individual.  

Our staff are dedicated to nurturing each child’s potential through building on their strengths, and preparing them for their unique purpose, so that they can contribute effectively to society, creating pathways for future study and work. 

The staff culture is cohesive and team focused, with many staff having supported the College for many years.  There are currently 100 staff, with valued casual staff members supplementing the team when required.

Meet our Executive and Head Teachers here:


Gabi Korocz – Headmaster

Mr Korocz has been an educator for 35 years and has extensive experience in Christian and educational leadership, development of learning outcomes, strategic planning, pastoral care, community building and student wellbeing.  Mr Korocz has proven capacity and skill at leading, building and growing a reputable, high-quality learning institution that offers children the opportunity to attain academic excellence and spiritual awareness in a holistic, caring environment.  

Mr Korocz is dedicated to providing Christian leadership to serve and support families and community members whilst ensuring the delivery of relevant, high quality and holistic education that enables individuals from a broad range of backgrounds and cultures to attain academic and personal excellence.  As a highly gifted leader, he brings extensive industry acumen, strong interpersonal, mediation and communication skills, along with a proven ability to implement innovative curriculum developments encompassing emerging technologies and holistic pedagogies.


Mark Camilleri – Head of Secondary

Mr Mark Camilleri is the Head of Secondary at Mount Annan Christian College, a position he commenced in 2011. Prior to this, he lead as the Head of HSIE from when he joined the MACC staffing team in 2009. Mark brings over 25 years of educational experience and has held permanent teaching positions within four NSW schools. He has held leadership positions in three schools, including House Patron, Head of HSIE and Head of School, and his educational experience has spanned into the areas of Welfare, Curriculum and Operations. Mark has also worked for NESA where he lead teams to develop HSC and SC examinations in his specialist teaching area of Geography. Mark has a passion for teaching senior Geography and Legal Studies which he has done so for many years.

Mark is passionate about building a Secondary team which will equip students with the skills, knowledge and attitude to thrive and make meaningful contributions in tertiary education, in the workforce and in life beyond. He enjoys motivating students to reach their academic potential and strives to make a difference in students’ lives. As an active member in his local church, Mark is constantly challenged and encouraged in his faith in Jesus. He actively encourages students to develop and grow their relationship with Christ.



Debbie Pope – Head of Primary

Mrs Debbie Pope has been teaching for 25 years in a range of educational settings and has been Head of Primary at MACC for the past 5 years.

During her career as a teacher, she has taught all grades from Prep to Year 6, as well as working within the areas of Learning Support and English as an Additional Language. Debbie has held various leadership positions including, Preschool Teacher/Director, Executive Teacher and Assistant Principal and has also worked as a Literacy Consultant within the South West Sydney Regional Directorate of the NSW Department of Education. She has been invited to speak at many Educational conferences and to work with other schools across the state to assist teachers to improve their educational practice and enhance student achievement, particularly in the areas of reading, writing and curriculum development within the Department of Education, the Association of Independent Schools and Christian Schools Australia.

Debbie is passionate about partnering with families and teachers to develop the whole child, firmly believing that children who feel valued, loved and spiritually nurtured are more likely to reach their full potential in all areas of life, especially as learners.



Scott Grant – Head of Operations

Our new Head of Operations from 2023 is Mr Scott Grant. Scott and his family are locals in the Camden area.  

Scott comes to us from the Anglican Schools Corporation where he worked to support a portfolio of four schools, Penrith Anglican College, Shellharbour Anglican College and the two Campuses of Richard Johnson Anglican School, and the Corporation collectively across a range of areas such as Governance, Risk, Major Capital Works, and Finance. Prior to this, Scott has held various roles within Media, Environmental Services, and the Airlines industry, where he has gained extensive experience with a proven track record. Scott brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the role.

Scott is passionate about expanding the good news of Jesus in the Macarthur area and is an active member of his Church and a Parish Councillor.



Juliette Camilleri – Assistant Head of Primary

Mrs Juliette Camilleri has been an educator for 25 years, ten of which have been at Mount Annan Christian College. During her career, she has taught all grades from Kindergarten to Year 6 in a number of schools across NSW and held a number of leadership roles. Prior to joining the staff at MACC, Juliette held the roles of Deputy Head of Junior School, Head of Junior School and Sports Coordinator. In her capacity as Assistant Head of Primary, Juliette’s primary focus is in the area of student wellbeing. She is deeply passionate about developing the whole child and encouraging each child to reach their full social, emotional, academic, spiritual and physical potential through fostering a sense of belonging and self-worth. 




Tim Woods – Director of Studies

Mr Tim Woods has been teaching for the past 9 years and has fulfilled various roles during his teaching career so far. He has taught 7-10 PDHPE, PASS and Stage 6 PDHPE and has also coached many school sporting teams to success. In addition, Tim has fulfilled the roles of Director of Studies, Careers Advisor and VET Coordinator from 2012-2016 at his previous school. Tim has a passion for teaching young people about the importance of health and physical activity as well as teaching Stage 6 PDHPE.

Tim is an effective communicator who loves learning, is passionate about the academic care of every student and sees this as the highest priority. He is committed to ensuring the most effective learning environment for all students – one that meets the needs of each individual. Tim likewise has a passion for coaching College sporting teams and seeing students also succeed outside of the classroom.



Francis Tobiya – Director of Wellbeing

Mr Francis Tobiya brings a wealth of experience, passion and innovation to the role as Director of Wellbeing and HSIE teacher specialising in Business Studies, Commerce and Geography. He is committed to developing the holistic wellbeing of every student in the areas of spirituality, belonging, connectedness, leadership, identity and positive sense of self. Francis is passionate about helping students understand their God given potential and provide tools to stay grounded in an ever changing world. He is committed to ensuring students and families make healthy choices to thrive and flourish within the same environment whilst at MACC. Francis leads a dedicated, supportive and growing Year Advisors team, who ensure that behaviour management, resilience and academic and spiritual growth are appropriate for the age of the students. 

Francis has implemented a whole school approach to wellbeing dedicated to helping students, teachers and the family community access support and guidance through collaboration with schools and support organisations and in partnership with AISNSW and CSA. This dedicated approach to the development of the students will guide them in their journey to reach their full God given potential.



Farid Awad – Director of Teaching and Learning 7-12

Mr Farid Awad is passionate about teaching and learning and brings a vast range of experiences to the role. He has been teaching since 2010 and has recently been the Head of Department in Mathematics for over 8 years. He has been involved in school leadership and management over the past 14 years. This includes acting Deputy Principal, Technology support coordinator and a number of whole school led initiatives including Multicultural days, Sports gala days and academic Competitions. Farid is committed to improving education, particularly in secondary and strives to build a culture of continual improvement in the standard of teaching and learning. At the core of Farid’s teaching is a joy and commitment to impact student’s learning and teacher professional development.

Farid is an effective communicator who endeavours to lead and work within a team to motivate and cultivate a culture of excellence and improvement at MACC. He has a desire to build passion in teaching and learning through his faith and love for Jesus.




Josie Youssef – Director of Secondary Operations 7-12

Mrs. Josie Youssef is an esteemed educator who has been a part of Mount Annan Christian College since 2017. As the Director of Operations 7-12, she adeptly oversees the streamlined execution of administrative and organisational processes throughout Secondary. Josie graduated with Honours from The University of Sydney, where her dissertation focused on identifying influential factors in Secondary education that promote tertiary pursuits.

Josie’s leadership spans various pivotal roles within the college. Her tenure as the Student Leadership Coordinator saw her guide the Student Leadership Council, instilling a culture of community and responsibility. Stepping into the role of Stage 5 Coordinator in 2018, she effectively managed a dedicated team, prioritising the holistic well-being of Year 9 and 10 students.

Her journey progressed as she assumed the role of Head of English in 2019, drawing upon her extensive teaching experience across all levels of English education. Notably, Josie’s expertise extends to serving as a NESA HSC English marker, underlining her deep commitment to academic excellence within education.



Bronte Dawson – Head of Faculty: English

Since her appointment at MACC in 2019, Mrs Bronte Dawson has provided leadership within the wellbeing team as Year 9 Advisor in 2021 and coordinated debating since 2020. She is an experienced leader, having 8 years leadership experience before entering the educational context.

Bronte is experienced in teaching English in all Stages and has passions for developing a joy of learning amongst the students at MACC. She seeks to inspire the team of English teachers at MACC to guide all students to realising and reaching their academic potential.

Bronte is a committed Christian and seeks to help all students to realise the gifts God has bestowed on them so they may be guided in the path God has laid out for them.




Simon Marrable – Head of Faculty: Maths

Mr Simon Marrable has been an experienced educator of secondary mathematics since 2006. Previously, he has worked in industry and government in the capacity of the professional mechanical engineer and in project management. He brings a depth of experience in managing and developing programs within and outside education. He also provides useful input into developing mathematical applications within the Stem_Ed space and has been working with the Coordinators of Science and TAS to ensure quality learning experiences of our students.

Mr Marrable is passionate about improving student engagement and academic success within the world of Mathematics and is keen to grow the participation of students in the advanced mathematics courses. He is a committed member of his local church and enjoys bringing music into his mathematics.



Jeremy Hazra – Head of Faculty: HSIE

Mr Jeremy Hazra has over 12 Years’ experience in Christian Education. He has been a Welfare Coordinator for 4 years and held multiple leadership roles across various Christian Schools such as a Chapel Coordinator and Stage Advisor. At MACC, Jeremy is the HSIE Head of Faculty and is passionate about genuine and authentic Christian education as well as equipping staff to provide the very best learning environment and opportunities to students. His vision is to provide a rigorous Christian education that empowers students to live a life of purpose serving Christ.

Jeremy has a passion for History, Geography and Business Studies. He has taught more than 10 subjects over his career and has a broad understanding of the various curriculum requirements; particularly, across Stage 6. Prior to Education, Jeremy was an Insurance Broker and worked various corporate roles. He currently serves in his local church playing drums at worship and has been very active in leadership roles at his church in helping the creative ministry.




Ashteeka Reddy – Head of Faculty: PDHPE 

Ms Ashteeka Reddy has been teaching for the past 5 years as a PDHPE, Dance and Mathematics teacher. Specifically she has taught, 7-10 PDHPE, PASS and Child Studies, Stage 6 PDHPE, CAFS and Exploring Early Childhood, Stage 4 Mathematics and Stage 4 and 5 Creatives Arts and Dance. In previous schools, Ashteeka successfully fulfilled the leadership roles of Sport Coordinator, Dance Coordinator and Year 9 Coordinator. 

She has coached a dance and sport aerobics team, leading them to compete nationally in 2018 and 2019 along with coaching many school sporting teams to victory. 

Ashteeka is a dedicated and passionate teacher, who possesses a high level of commitment and enthusiasm for the teaching profession. She believes schooling creates a momentous impact on the lives of students, which extends beyond the classroom. She endeavours to encourage students to challenge themselves, be inquisitive and develop a love of learning. 

Ashteeka has been a committed member of her church and believes that teaching is the purpose God planned for her. She feels empowered to educate our younger generations through the Christian values and reflecting the love of Christ. 




Jenny Coard – Head of Faculty: Science

Mrs Jenny Coard has spent the last 10 years teaching in the Anglican Schools Corporation at Mamre Anglican School. She is an experienced teacher of Secondary Science to all stages and has specialised in the teaching of Chemistry. She is also a qualified Food Technologist and has worked in Industry in Quality Assurance, Marketing and Management. Jenny has supported NESA as an HSC marker for Chemistry and STANSW as a marker for the Young Scientist Award. She recently coached HSC Chemistry students who won the 2023 NSW RACI Chemistry Titration competition held at Sydney University.

Jenny enjoys working in a Christian environment and helping all students to see their world through a scientific lens. She directs learning through active student involvement in discovery, practical experiences and problem solving.  Jenny encourages students to build their capacity as the driver of their own learning and make the most of their opportunities in class.




Dale Reader – Head of Faculty: Technologies

Mrs Dale Reader is passionate about teaching and has been in the educational industry for many years. Dale started her career in the Department of Education and later taught in Independent Christian schools, which gave her a deep understanding of Christian values and teaching philosophy. Dale believes education is for everyone, and all students should have something to strive for. She holds a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Sydney and is a HSC NESA marker in Textiles and Design and Technology.

As the Head of Technologies, Dale promotes a culture of lifelong learning for MACC students. She encourages Technologies students to take risks, make mistakes, and see their failures as opportunities to learn and grow. Dale has actively involved herself in many previous school community projects, building her competence as a leader and a quality teacher. She has experienced teaching across Technology courses, including Digital Technologies, Food and Agriculture, Mixed Material Technologies, Food Technology, Textiles Technology, and Design and Technology. Dale has also taught junior Computing Studies and achieved Certificates I, II and IV in VET Hospitality Operations.

Dale looks forward to meeting the students of MACC, their families, and the general community. Secondary school is a wonderful time for students to embrace learning, build their skills, try new things, and to never be afraid to ask questions.



Renee Darby – Director of Curriculum and Learning P-6

Mrs Renee Darby has been teaching for the past 24 years, fulfilling various roles during this time. Renee has completed degrees at Sydney University and the University of NSW, where she completed her Gifted Education qualifications. Most recently she has completed a Graduate Certificate in Primary Mathematics education at Western Sydney University.

Before joining our MACC team in 2017, Renee spent the past 15 years working with advanced learners, successfully developing and delivering enrichment programs to meet the diverse academic and social and emotional needs of her students. Renee is a passionate educator, with a love of learning, and enjoys working with teachers to develop their craft of teaching. She enjoys working in curriculum development and seeks to ensure that the learning programs in our primary school are engaging for all students as they strive to reach their full potential as learners.




Gena Vella – Prep Director

Mrs Vella has been an educator for 13 years, all of which have been at Mount Annan Christian College. During this time, she has primarily taught in Prep and has spent the last 3yrs coordinating the Prep program. Mrs Vella is deeply passionate about providing a safe and nurturing learning environment for children to participate in meaningful and developmentally appropriate, educationally sound experiences. She is committed to coordinating a Prep program that will engage inquiring minds and the natural curiosity and exuberance of childhood. Mrs Vella appreciates that facilitating student’s academic journey is a responsibility shared with teachers, parents, the school community and the wider community.



Anabelle Spencer – Kindergarten Coordinator

Mrs Anabelle Spencer has been a part of Mount Annan Christian College for the past 7 years, beginning as a Teacher Aide in Prep, whilst completing her Bachelor of Primary Education at the University of Wollongong. For the last four years, she has been teaching in a variety of classroom roles across K-6 and for the past 3 years as a Kindergarten teacher.

One of Anabelle’s passions is fostering literacy learning. She understands the importance of strong literacy skills and is committed to igniting a love for reading and writing in her students. She is focused on making the learning process engaging and enjoyable for all of her students. Anabelle strongly believes in the power of collaboration between students, families, and teachers to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment. She strives to ensure that every child is seen, valued, and feels safe within the school community.

Beyond academics, Annabelle’s ultimate goal is to nurture her students’ overall growth. She believes that school should be a place where children can achieve their goals, pursue their dreams, and develop into wonderful individuals, all whilst having fun.




Georgia Downes – Year 1 Coordinator

Mrs Georgia Downes has been an educator for 23 years; 12 of these years have been at Mount Annan Christian College. Georgia has taught in various schools in the Campbelltown and Liverpool area in numerous settings, carrying out multiple roles, including leading new initiatives. She is passionate about wellbeing in education and the power of partnership with the College and families for the student’s best interests. Georgia is currently studying part-time; Masters of Teaching Wellbeing and Positive Mental Health. This further study gives her insight into brain function in primary students and the role of wellbeing in education.




Nicole Boutros – Year 2 Coordinator

Mrs Nicole Boutros has been an educator for a decade working at a variety of schools in the independent sector; four of these years have been at Mount Annan Christian College. She has fulfilled many roles; classroom teacher, Assistant Stage Coordinator, Stage Coordinator and now Year 2 Coordinator.

Nicole is deeply passionate about nurturing and fostering relationships with her students and creating a fun and engaging learning environment for students to thrive in. She has a particular interest in driving change in Mathematics, ensuring learning is very hands on. Nicole believes it is paramount to see each student as an individual learner, set challenges for students to achieve and celebrate the success of their peers.




Kate Todd – Stage 2 Coordinator

Mrs Kate Todd is a passionate educator who has worked at MACC for over ten years. She is married and has three grown-up boys who have all attended the College. Kate grew up in a small NSW town called Tenterfield, where her family have been a part of the community since Federation. She earned her degree at the University of New England in Armidale.

Kate worked for five years as a casual teacher in the Tenterfield region, before heading into a full time position in the Macarthur area, where she worked until she had children. She had a nine-year break and then returned to teaching at Mount Annan Christian College.

Kate is passionate about Science and Technology, particularly the integration of STEM Education and has been instrumental in developing the MACC Tinkertime program in the Primary years. Kate feels blessed to work with the many families, students, and teachers here at MACC.




Angela Callebaut – Stage 3 Coordinator

A teacher in New Zealand and NSW for over two decades, Mrs Angela Callebaut graduated from Otago University in NZ, and later from UNSW. Being a mum of a twice exceptional, nuero-diverse (now young man) child, has provided her with insight and compassion for students and their families for whom learning and school can be every myriad of experience – sometimes just in one day! Having taught across both ends of K-6, the last 8 years have been on Stage 3 where she has had the privilege of experience as a Coordinator, Gifted Educator and mentor teacher.

Angela is passionate about this area of student life, where we look forward to life beyond Primary School. She is excited seeing young people connect with their learning, their future and ultimately their own destiny. Having worked within some hugely dynamic school profiles both in NSW and in NZ, she brings a strong sense of professional values that have become core strengths applicable in multiple community settings. Underpinning these values is Angela’s Christian faith through which she has learnt to stretch, grow and influence, first herself and then others in her sphere, to discover their own purpose through the pursuit of excellence and service to others.



Lyndon Kleeman – Primary PDHPE & Sports Coordinator

Mr Lyndon Kleeman has been an educator for 12 years, throughout this time he has carried out the roles of PDHPE teacher (years K-12), Head of Sport, Acting Director of PDHPE and Head of Year 12 at International Grammar School. Moving to Mount Annan Christian College in 2023, he has taken on the role of Primary PDHPE and Sports Coordinator.

Lyndon completed a Bachelor of Health Science and a Master of Teaching at The University of Western Sydney, along with a Diploma in Sport Coaching and Certificate IV in Fitness. He has a strong belief in health and fitness and believes it is an integral part of all students’ development.

Lyndon believes that teaching is the process of shaping students to become lifelong learners, capable of success in a rapidly changing and challenging world. He aspires for every child, irrespective of a students’ social, economic or cultural background, to have a fundamental right to achieve their full social and academic potential.