Parent Liaisons


To promote open communication, a respectful environment, with a sense of pride and belonging within our College community.

Central to the community at MACC are the students, staff and parent body – with each playing a vital role in contributing to the overall environment and MACC experience.

Our Parent Liaisons are parent volunteers from each class who work closely with the classroom teacher and build community with other parents.

The Parent Liaisons (PLs) framework is designed to provide support to the teacher for events, morning teas, Open Day helpers, book covering, Mothers and Father’s Day events as well as parent driven initiatives.

How does it work?

Class teachers ask for volunteers from their class and select one candidate who they believe is in alignment with the outcomes the classroom is looking to achieve.

PLs should possess the following characteristics in order to lead other parents in community building:

  • Christian service and commitment
  • Availability to volunteer as a PL
  • Strengths in communication and building connections and community
  • Willingness to assist with fundraising
  • Be willing to adhere to MACC policies and procedures
  • Sign volunteer declaration
  • Provide support and build community

Some specific activities that may be asked of a PL are:

  • Fundraising – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day
  • Specific class fundraising if required
  • Open Day volunteers
  • College tour guides or stall guides
  • Mission Days
  • Support on musical and band events
  • Sporting events
  • Fairs, Christmas Carols, Camden Show
  • Directing parents to staff who can help manage their enquiries
  • Official MACC parents social media management
  • Project managers to be appointed for each specific projects.

Consultation in strategic roles

PLs are invited to form the core of focus groups when consultation is required:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Uniform changes
  • Communication strategies including social media
  • Parking / traffic


  • There is strength in community and MACC desires to build community together as families with the one core focus.
  • Each PL has opportunities to build their own classroom community with families who have children of the same age.
  • A one year commitments allow the PLs to be enthusiastic and energetic for a one year period.
  • PLs are be available to the parents in their class to assist with enquiries with well-informed responses.
  • One clear communication channel and point of contact for other parents.
  • Each PL liaise just with their teacher to ensure clear guidelines and protocols
  • Quarterly meetings for the PLs to meet with executive staff with ideas and suggestions about the College to strengthen