Spotlight is a Drama Program that teaches and develops various theatrical and dramatic skills. The program has been written specifically for the different age groups and focuses primarily on developing confidence, public speaking skills, creativity and play building. 

Students will practice improvisation, movement, choral verse, mime and acting in scenes and short plays, while also reflecting on their experiences. 

Students will work in groups as well as individually, learning how to depend on others and be vital members of a team. Each student will be given the opportunity to perform once a term within a  group and individually if they would like to do so. 

Being involved in Spotlight is a highly enjoyable experience that teaches students vital skills that will assist them throughout their school career and beyond.

Junior Group takes place on a Monday Morning at 7:30 until 8:25am and Senior Group takes place on a Wednesday Morning at 7:30 until 8:25am.


You can book your child online through the MACC App.