Congratulations to the Class of 2017 on brilliant HSC results. 

2017 Mount Annan Christian College Higher School Certificate Report  The internationally regarded NSW HSC is run by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) and the very first HSC exams were held back in 1967. These exams are a huge logistical effort involving more than 77,000 students and 117 HSC written exams, held over four weeks in over 750 exam centres staffed by more than 7,500 supervisors and presiding officers.  

In 2017 Mount Annan Christian College had a wonderful group of students sit the HSC. I am most delighted to report that these results are some of the best group of results in the history of the College. I can also add that in some areas; these results reflect the best outcomes for some time. In the areas of Literacy and Numeracy, our English and Mathematics HSC results across all levels of these courses are particularly pleasing, following on from our fantastic NAPLAN results earlier in the year. In fact, all of our HSC English courses (Standard, Advanced & Extension 1) as well as all of our Mathematics courses (General 2, 2 Unit & Extension 1) were all above State Average. Our Science courses of Chemistry and Physics were also above State Average. It is difficult to highlight an individual faculty area, as 16/18 of our courses this year were above State Average – a tremendous effort and I must congratulate all students and staff!

Many of our HSC students have gained successful tertiary University entry and we see 2017 being no different. In fact, this year, we had 40% of students receive Early or Selective entry into University courses, based upon their College exam performances alone. This highlights that our students are being sought after by Universities, even before they sit the HSC or ATAR scores are calculated – this is a great achievement! I am a firm believer that our culture has shifted and we now have successfully embedded a student mindset of valuing academic success and a hunger for wanting to achieve at the highest level.

Some examples of this include:

• 16/18 or 88% of our courses scored above State Average

• 73% of our HSC examinations sat achieved a Band 4 (70% plus)

• 37% of our HSC examinations sat achieved a Band 5 (80% plus)

• 9 students were formally recognised as Distinguished Achievers on the NESA website (awarded a mark between 90 and 100).

– Congratulations to our highest ranking ATAR students
Lois Wong- 96.65% & 
Thalia Broadstock- 95.80%

Our 2017 examination results clearly demonstrate that we are value‐adding to all of our students’ performance, with a larger percentage of students (73%) compared to 53% in 2016, entering the Band 4‐ 6 percentiles (70% plus) in their examinations. Our growth mindset emphasis as well as providing timely and meaningful feedback to students throughout the course of the year has definitely aided our students in believing that they can raise their overall achievement rather than merely settling for average results.   More specifically, I am very pleased to report to all families that 37%, of examinations sat (up from 20% in 2016) received a Band 5‐6 (80% or higher) result, and these were within sixteen separate subject areas. We had a total of 17/18 subjects offered with 50% or more of students achieve either a Band 4 or higher (70‐100%), as well as 9 subjects where it was a Band 5 or higher (80‐100%), which is a great achievement for both students and teaching staff.

Mr Mark Camilleri- Head of Secondary