Headmaster’s Welcome

The vision of Mount Annan Christian College is to provide a Christ-centred learning environment that empowers each individual to enjoy a life of purpose.

The College has been serving the wider community of Macarthur since 1999 and continues to have a strong vision and desire to work in partnership with local families who are looking to provide a quality Christian educational experience with great values and discipline set in one of the most peaceful and idyllic locations in the whole Region.

The College is known for its high quality pastoral care and proven educational and support programs that come with a creative and innovative edge. It has designed its Strategic Educational Plan (viewable on this website) to cater for student needs in a fast-paced, ever-changing educational and technological environment. The subject offerings of our College are considerable and the extra-curricular opportunities are extensive. I highly recommend all families consider participating in the personalized, educational Prep program, as it is without doubt the best start to an educational journey you could ever want for your child.

The College is a member school of The Association of Independent Schools Australia (AIS), which is the peak body for independent schools in NSW and is committed to contributing to the wider educational community. As a current and active member of the NSW/ACT State Council for Christian Schools Australia, I have a strong belief in the positive impact and difference that a truly Christian education can have in the lives of individuals and their families.    

I encourage you to contact one of our friendly team members and make a time to come and have a look at Mount Annan Christian College for yourself.

Mr Gabi Korocz

College Executive:

Our staff are engaged and committed to empowering individuals, strengthening and nurturing community, equipping students and providing a holistic approach to develop each individual.  

Our staff are dedicated to nurturing each child’s potential through building on their strengths, and preparing them for their unique purpose, so that they can contribute effectively to society, creating pathways for future study and work. 

The staff culture is cohesive and team focused, with many staff having supported the College for many years.  There are currently 60 staff, with valued casual staff members supplementing the team when required.

Meet our Executive and Head Teachers here:


Gabi Korocz – Headmaster

Mr Korocz has been an educator for 35 years and has extensive experience in Christian and educational leadership, development of learning outcomes, strategic planning, pastoral care, community building and student wellbeing.  Mr Korocz has proven capacity and skill at leading, building and growing a reputable, high quality learning institution that offers children the opportunity to attain academic excellence and spiritual awareness in a holistic, caring environment.  

Mr Korocz is dedicated to providing Christian leadership to serve and support families and community members whilst ensuring the delivery of relevant, high quality and holistic education that enables individuals from a broad range of backgrounds and cultures to attain academic and personal excellence.  As a highly gifted leader, he brings extensive industry acumen, strong interpersonal, mediation and communication skills, along with a proven ability to implement innovative curriculum developments encompassing emerging technologies and holistic pedagogies.


David Chehade – Head of Operations

Mr David Chehade is excited about MACC and its continual strive for excellence. David joins the MACC team with a background in law and business and a focus on developing healthy systems poised for growth. David is relishing his role at MACC and the opportunity to apply his skills to bring value in an environment and setting as important and rapidly changing as education. David is strongly supportive of Christian education and its role in supporting families and engaging with the wider community.

David has been working in Corporate Services for 15 years and in his capacity at MACC works extensively with the Board, Executive and staff to bring about improvements in all facets of the operations of the College.  He currently holds the position of Head of Operations where he oversees the key functions of Compliance and Operations across the College.  This includes Human Resources, Employment Relations, Finances, Property, and all operational matters outside of the delivery of the educational curriculum.

In this role David provides strategic direction for these key areas ensuring their seamless integration as an effective partner to the academic functions within the College. David feels privileged to serve in this capacity at MACC and is thankful for the strong team that share the vision for the continued growth and excellence here at the College.


Debbie Pope – Head of Primary

Mrs Debbie Pope has been teaching for 25 years in a range of educational settings and has been Head of Primary at MACC for the past 5 years.

During her career as a teacher she has taught all grades from Prep to Year 6, as well as working within the areas of Learning Support and English as an Additional Language. Debbie has held various leadership positions including, Preschool Teacher/Director, Executive Teacher and Assistant Principal and has also worked as a Literacy Consultant within the South West Sydney Regional Directorate of the NSW Department of Education. She has been invited to speak at many Educational conferences and to work with other schools across the state to assist teachers to improve their educational practice and enhance student achievement, particularly in the areas of reading, writing and curriculum development within the Department of Education, the Association of Independent Schools and Christian Schools Australia.

Debbie is passionate about partnering with families and teachers to develop the whole child, firmly believing that children who feel valued, loved and spiritually nurtured are more likely to reach their full potential in all areas of life, especially as a learners.


Mark Camilleri – Head of Secondary

Mr Mark Camilleri is the Head of Secondary at Mount Annan Christian College, a position he commenced in 2011. Prior to this, he lead as the Head of HSIE from when he joined the MACC staffing team in 2009. Mark brings over 18 years of educational experience and has held permanent teaching positions within four NSW schools. He has held leadership positions in three schools, including House Patron, Head of HSIE and Head of School, and his educational experience has spanned into the areas of Welfare, Curriculum and Operations. Mark has also worked for the NSW Board of Studies where he lead teams to develop HSC and SC examinations in his teaching specialist area of Geography. Mark has a passion for teaching senior Geography and Legal Studies which he has done so for many years.

Mark is passionate about building a Secondary team which will equip students with the skills, knowledge and attitude to thrive and make meaningful contributions in tertiary education, in the workforce and in life beyond. He enjoys motivating students to reach their academic goals and potential and strives to make a difference in students’ lives. As an active member in his local church, Mark is constantly challenged and encouraged in his faith in Jesus. He actively encourages students to develop and grow their relationship with Christ.


Dan Weeks – Head of Teaching and Innovation

Mr Dan Weeks has been working in education for 13 years teaching Design and Technology, then progressing to leading a dynamic TAS Faculty at MACC and am now the Director of Teaching and Innovation. His role provides the opportunity to work alongside staff, to serve and equip them on their journeys as lifelong learners as well as the ability to engage in new and innovative teaching and learning programs, such as STEM_ed in Secondary and Tinkertime in Primary. It is true that the world of education is changing around us and he is passionate and committed to ensuring that what the College teaches to the students remains relevant, engaging and inspiring as they are equipped to realise their potential and make a real difference. 

Dan is passionate about innovation in all contexts not only education, as well as creativity and entrepreneurship as desire to see these concepts outworked in a school environment. 


Jennie Young – Co-ordinator of  Science

Mrs Jennie Young has been teaching since 1990 and has held leadership positions in schools for the past 10 years. She has received national and international recognition for the development and implementation of innovative teaching programs. Jennie is experienced with project based learning and is excited about being part of the STEM team at MACC. She has taught all of the senior science disciplines and is particularly interested in the practical applications of science and mathematics. She is an active member of her church.


Jennie Sargisson – Co-ordinator of HSIE

Ms Jennie Sargisson has been teaching within secondary schools for the past 8 years, having extensive experience and a passion for teaching senior Business Studies, Legal Studies and Economics in addition to middle school HSIE subjects. Jennie brings over 15 years of leadership experience from within education, industry and self -employment. She has most recently left her position as Head of Campus for a Flexible Learning Centre to lead our HSIE faculty.  Jennie is passionate about the role that Positive Psychology plays in improving student wellbeing and hence academic performance.


Tim Woods- Co-ordinator of PDHPE/ SPORT

Mr Tim Woods has been teaching since the beginning of 2011 and has fulfilled various roles during his teaching career so far. He has taught 7-10 PDHPE, PASS and Stage 6 PDHPE and has also coached many school sporting teams. In addition, Tim have fulfilled the roles of Director of Studies, Careers Advisor and VET Coordinator from 2012-2016 at his previous school. Tim has a passion for teaching young people about the importance of health and physical activity and to see them grow up into respectful and honest individuals.


Lauren Kenny- Co-ordinator of English

Since entering the teaching profession in 2011, Ms Lauren Kenny has been active in seeking opportunities to grow professionally, such as completing her Master of Educational Leadership in School Education, attaining her Experienced Teacher Certificate and being a Pastoral Care Co-ordinator. She has experience in teaching English to Stages 4 and 5, and at both the Advanced and Standard level for Stage 6. Lauren seeks to lead a team of professionals that develop students’ ability to use and critique language so they are able to think critically and creatively, and communicate effectively as thoughtful, accomplished and contributing Christian citizens of the world.


Mr Simon Marrable- Co-ordinator of Maths

Mr Simon Marrable has been an experienced educator of secondary mathematics since 2006. Previously, he has worked in industry and government in the capacity of the professional mechanical engineer and in project management. He brings a depth of experience in managing and developing programs within and outside education. He also provides useful input into developing mathematical applications within the Stem_Ed space and has been working with the Coordinators of Science and TAS to ensure quality learning experiences of our students.

Mr Marrable is passionate about improving student engagement and academic success within the world of Mathematics and is keen to grow the participation of students in the advanced mathematics courses. He is a commitment member of his local church and enjoys bring music into his mathematics.